Carol Phillips Hurst, Shop Front (2020).

Carol Phillips Hurst is a visual artist and is exhibiting her latest body of work as part of a group exhibition. She is a Unisa BVA, fourth year student. Phillips Hurst delves into the appearance of the Shop Front and consumer spending.

“Advertisers and advertising had made the world look inviting and fresh. Beautiful people could be seen advertised in shop windows, in magazines, on billboards, on social media, in films and on television. Beauty product advertising promoted the premise of eternal youth. There was however a catch; the desire of the perfect appearance needed to be renewed every month with the purchase of yet another product”. Phillips Hurst gives us food for thought as the beauty product range metaphor which is far reaching.

Due to Covid-19 the exhibition for students studying art at the University of South Africa (UNISA) has had to be cancelled.

Carol Phillips Hursts’ work may be viewed online.

Her website address is at